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 Armadyl Guide by Pampam

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PostSubject: Armadyl Guide by Pampam   Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:10 am

Potřebné questy : Troll stronghold
Skilly: 70 range a 40 pray (protect range)
Armor na sebe: velkou mage def protože arma útočí range/mage
Nejake screeny:

Helm: verac, torag, armadyl, archer, nebo neitiznot
Amulet: fury, glory a nebo ranging amulet
Chest: arma chest, god blessed d hide body, karil top, black d hide body
Legs: arma skirt, god blessed chaps, karil skirt, black d hide chaps
Boots: ranger, infinity, snakeskin
Gloves: barrows gloves, rune gloves, zammy nebo sara vamby,black d hide vamby
Ring:archer, life, seers,explorer (v zadnym pripade ring of wealth)
Shield: dfs,spectral,blessed spirit shield nebo jen spirit shield a nebo nejaka god book

Killcount:KC se dělá na Aviansies (cmb 69 - 148), dropujou často 4 noted adamant bary.
Vyskytují se zhruba v těchto místech:

Teď už můžu popřát jen hodně štestí na dropy =)

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Sini Black

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PostSubject: Re: Armadyl Guide by Pampam   Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:12 am

VERY VERY GOOD JOB!!! omfg!!!! Very Happy Very Happy mas co si chtěl Razz Very Happy ale fakt gj Smile
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Armadyl Guide by Pampam
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